Know What’s at Home While on the Go! 

While out and about everyone has those moments when needing something for your home but can’t remember a model number, type or style of that product. We bring that information right to your mobile device.



Have your appliance model number, filter number, light bulb type and any other information you want to keep. Refrigerator, water purifiers, coffee makers and dish washer are just a few things handy to keep track of.


Users or Admin’s can upload the business logo and/or add additional photos for end users to enjoy. Pictures of products, inside the store, outside the store or custumers. Users can even add an image that displays a coupon.


Quick email and social share buttons are integrated by default on the Yellow Pages front-end interface. Your website visitors can send business listings to a friend or post them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc


Whether you have a brand new home or an older home, keeping track of all the different paint colors can be tricky. Know paint colors for each room, hallway, exterior, crown molding, deck stain and baseboard in your home.

Light Bulbs

Make money by allowing business owners to submit their company descriptions to your directory. Set your prices or do it free of charge. This is a great way to offer a service in your community for free or create a revenue stream.

Important Numbers

Thanks to the Google Maps integration your website visitors can get great driving directions and find the company more easily. We also added the ability for users to actually touch the address text and launch Google maps.

One Site for All

In today’s world any website you build is accessed by the younger and older generations. We use complete bootstrap technology so the site works great on any size device accessing the site. All components of the site work on all devices.

Learn by Using

Do you know what business or services are available in your area?

This business directory will engage people in the community to not only use local business and services, but allow people to gain knowledge about what is available in your area.

Shop Local

Knowledge of business and services in your area helps them to succeed.

How many local landscapers are in your area? Any sign companies? Shopping local is a great way to increase strength in the community with revenue and pride.

Free or Paid

Free or Paid the choice is yours.

You can offer this service for free and pay a small administrative fee or charge and share in the generated revenue. An example for creating income would be a chamber of commerce bringing this service to the area and keeping a large part of the revenue generated with customers.

Win Win for Everyone

Bring this service to your area and see how the community will embrace this service. The creates a Win Win for those offering this service, people that live in the community and the businesses that choose to do business in your area.

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